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After taking Hormone Replacement Therapy for 5 years, my doctor said it was not safe to continue. This brought back all the severe symptoms of menopause (night sweats, flushing, etc.) Since doing the acupuncture and taking herbs my symptoms have greatly decreased. I sleep well at night and my ‘hot flashes’ have decreased dramatically. I highly recommend this course of treatment to anybody.
DL, New Paltz

At first I didn’t notice much.. But I did feel very relaxed during the session. After getting up I didn’t feel much. But after a while I noticed a calmness that set in. I’m not usually calm… its’ an unusual sensation for me. I am going to try to get to bed earlier because i feel like i will be able to sleep well tonight. Yes, a relaxed, grounded, calmness. I don’t know what you did, but I think you knew. Thank you. I will be back.

My heart is changing physically & metaphorically: from oftentimes experiencing a completely constricted feeling I was able to release to complete openness enveloping the love of the wonderful support network that I’m blessed to have, & then feeling my physical heart beating to a normal healthy rhythm for a change. There’s much more physically & psychologically I experienced, but right now I really need to go appreciate all the good things around me & ignore the 97 emails in front of me. THANK YOU! This is the most like my real self I’ve felt in at least a couple or more years

Seeing Dr. Schikowitz is a boost to my self-esteem, knowing I was doing some things right, and looking forward to doing more things better. I always come away with something useful. I feel good about coming to see him.
DB, New Paltz

I just want to thank you for your kind and excellent care. Since starting your program of dietary changes and supplements I have had much more energy and have lost an entire size with no effort! For three years I have searched for someone to help me deal effectively with the effects of menopause and until my cousin recommended you I had no luck. Further, as you know, when I came to see you I had a severe lung infection that had lingered for two weeks, but after one Acupuncture treatment and one week of the supplements I was completely back to normal and when I saw you last I was pleased to learn that I did not have to stay on the lung support supplements. Your time and attention to detail and caring manner are sadly uncommon in health care professionals. My husband, Bob and I feel blessed to have found you. Please feel free to use this as a most enthusiastic letter of recommendation!
Maddie Cheers, Center Moriches, NY

Thank you again for weeding through my very complex medical history. It's sad when people face chronic sickness, they almost get used to it. In a way, not living vibrantly was just the norm for me during relapses. Sometimes lasting for 6 months or more. When my body betrayed me, it was almost three years of fading eyesight, disease and brainfog before I was treated for Lyme back in early 2000's. I was not able to plan or undertake in real living. Lyme treatment helped, however off ABX, i would totally relapse, and I would not 100% heal. During my 20's and 30's, a time when I should have been traveling, dating, seeing the world and having kids, I lost all of those years to doctors visits and confusion. Well, 3 days ago, my wife and I packed up for a road-trip to Vancouver, on to Whistler and we had a great time! While in Whistler, I reached a new high of 96% of normal health. Where my previous high of 94% was topped. I am in a way different and better place than I was before. Thanks to you! We took cable cars to the top of the peak and just hung out and took it all in the winter wonderland (next time we will take snowboarding lessons). 😀 Even though I am not 100% yet, this is miles from where I was before. And people commented on my skin complexion was way healthier. Like I said, my eyes and cheeks were sucked in before, as well as people would sometimes say my complexion was on the slight yellow side in years past. I can even show you before and after photos. Now my skin is normal and healthy, my eyes no longer have dark circles, stomach was flatter. My legs felt that of an 18 year olds, no pain, no joint pain, no shooting nerve pain or buzzing/twitching, no heavy feelings. Sleep is amazing now! Full 8 hours! Before I would be lucky to sleep for an hour! Stomach is now flat, stools are normal. Formed, harder and dark, for a continual basis. Don't like talking about poo, haha - I did not mention - my stools would be 'fatty, greasy and light colored' over the past years when I was really ill. No more! I will say, I still have a little wax and wane, so you are right, a slight Lyme element, however my range is 90-96% now. Well, hopefully now, this genetic curse and be rectified and we can focus on really learning from the past, however not living in the past. We can embrace the future! Thank you so much for your understanding and compassion. I have had so many 'false hopes' in the past, and I don't want to jinx this, but it looks like it may be the root of the cause I have been searching for, and I can finally depend on my body to stop betraying me, to allow me to be a real man, a warrior and a winner - and reverse my families curse as well. I will be in to refill some supplements this week, and get additional ones for my mom. Thank you and happy holidays. But yes, seeing huge gains here, and hopefully for my mom as well. But like I said, this looks like the right path, its still a little early to tell with my mom quite yet. She is in her 70's, so she might take longer for her to heal. You don't know how excited I am to get my (and hopefully) my mom's life back. Even though I am trying to hold it in, haha
Frank, Bellevue Wa

I visited Dr. Sam to help me deal with the horrible allergies, yeast infections and skin rashes I had been living with for all of my life. I had seen countless specialists including dermatologists, gynecologists and allergists who had prescribed me all types of steroids and allergy medications. Nothing seemed to work! I had been told that because my family has allergies so do I and I should just learn to live with them. Dr. Sam is the first person who ever looked at me as a whole being.

I was dealing with IBS that was related to both food intolerances and social anxiety. After searching online I found that acupuncture had helped a lot of people in dealing with and curing IBS. After speaking with Dr. Sam about my issues I had great hope for returning to a normal life. Dr. Sam’s caring nature for all things that were happening my life and his great knowledge of the human body were able to help me to overcome the obstacles that I was facing both with IBS and some of my work and personal life issues.
Casey Lynch

I walked in and right away you heard what was going on, and gave me a plan that addressed the issue right away. You acknowledged things that I hadn’t realized were impacting my health that nobody, not friends or health care professionals, had recognized. You believed in me and you helped me and I had been foundering for years.

It's been quite a long time since I've been in touch (since you moved to AZ!) and I was writing because I know that you still see former patients from NY and I wanted to make an appt, but I realize that I retrieved my medical files from you before you moved. Is it still possible to have a consultation? I can fax my files back to your office or scan and email them-- quite a lot has changed since I last saw you, so I don't know if you want me to also add supplementary health info that would bring my files up-to-date. I have been seeing a really amazing acupuncturist for the last year, but at this point I still have some nagging health issues (largely hormonal) that I am not certain he can help me resolve. In addition, I have to thank you again for your instrumental role in helping me recover from many of the debilitating issues that were troubling me in late 2011- early 2012. You are one of only 2 people (the other being my acupuncturist) who helped me experience authentic healing when nothing else had worked. That is a rare gift. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you and your family are well and are settling into your new home in WA-- thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.
Cari Loveland

I just wanted to let you know on a personal note that I took all of the helpful tools you gave me regarding how I can use NVC to talk to my father and we ended up having an amazing conversation yesterday. A lot of things were cleared up, I let my Dad know of a need I had that he was not even aware of and by the end we were both crying tears of happiness. It was very emotional and healing so thank you for taking the time to ask the right questions and make the inquiries you did. I am very grateful.
MO, New Paltz

Hi Sam, I had a wonderful experience when I left you after acupuncture. I was walking my dog on the rail trail and as I looked around everything had a brightness and crispness about it. I think that chi was indeed released and flowing better. I had more clarity of mind too. It was a great feeling of euphoria and peace. My knees are a little sore today, but that’s normal. Thanks!

Dr. Sam spends a great deal of time with me. He does careful research to ascertain the nature of my concerns and address my needs. I am impressed with his knowledge and his positive attitude. Because of his therapies, I feel better and have reduced my need for medications.
PK, Saugerties, New York

I want to start off my testimonial by thanking Dr. Sam for his amazing talent, plethora of knowledge and his ability to assist patients in their healing process. I also want to thank my mother for introducing me to Dr. Sam, if it had not been for her I would still be living with HPV. I was always an individual who relied on medication for any ailment or sickness that my body endured. When I was diagnosed with HPV I became very upset, frightened and anxious as there was no known cure for the disease. In some cases the body cures HPV on its own, however, in other cases it can develop into cervical cancer. After several years of living with the disease my mother mentioned a holistic doctor who said that he can cure HPV. I was very skeptical about holistic doctors and their practice because the products that they use are not FDA regulated, however, that was me being extremely ignorant. When I met Dr. Sam he was very down to earth, genuine, unbiased and extremely knowledgable. I also felt very comfortable and relaxed when speaking with him. After discussing my condition with Dr. Sam he suggested several products to use and how to use them appropriately. After one month I went to the gynocologist and got a PAP test. My results came back negative for HPV. I can't thank Dr. Sam enough for his true ability to understand the human body. I would recommend Dr. Sam to any person looking for an alternative approach to healing bodily dysfunctions.
Christy, Wurtsboro


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