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Dr. Sam spends a great deal of time with me. He does careful research to ascertain the nature of my concerns and address my needs. I am impressed with his knowledge and his positive attitude. Because of his therapies, I feel better and have reduced my need for medications.
PK, Saugerties, New York

When I speak of you it is with the highest regard–I always tell people you are “absolutely brilliant and the nicest person” and that you research each person’s case thoroughly before you prescribe a treatment, and that you were the only person to ever really figure out my chronic problems and how to treat them. Thanks for your caring work!
Barbara Schacker

I want to start off my testimonial by thanking Dr. Sam for his amazing talent, plethora of knowledge and his ability to assist patients in their healing process. I also want to thank my mother for introducing me to Dr. Sam, if it had not been for her I would still be living with HPV. I was always an individual who relied on medication for any ailment or sickness that my body endured. When I was diagnosed with HPV I became very upset, frightened and anxious as there was no known cure for the disease. In some cases the body cures HPV on its own, however, in other cases it can develop into cervical cancer. After several years of living with the disease my mother mentioned a holistic doctor who said that he can cure HPV. I was very skeptical about holistic doctors and their practice because the products that they use are not FDA regulated, however, that was me being extremely ignorant. When I met Dr. Sam he was very down to earth, genuine, unbiased and extremely knowledgable. I also felt very comfortable and relaxed when speaking with him. After discussing my condition with Dr. Sam he suggested several products to use and how to use them appropriately. After one month I went to the gynocologist and got a PAP test. My results came back negative for HPV. I can't thank Dr. Sam enough for his true ability to understand the human body. I would recommend Dr. Sam to any person looking for an alternative approach to healing bodily dysfunctions.
Christy, Wurtsboro

When I came to see Dr. Sam it had been over 3 years since I had had a period. During those 3 years I went to multiple doctors including several gynecologists and internists, and an endocrinologist. On several occasions I was placed on either synthetic or bioidentical hormones with no success. As a last resort, each of these doctors recommended that I go on birth control pills to bring my period back. I was uncomfortable with that option as I felt it would only mask the bigger problem; my amenorrhea was a symptom that my body was out of balance. Along with acupuncture treatments, Dr. Sam treats me with Chinese herbs, supplements and has counseled me on my diet. He takes the time to patiently listen to my concerns and extensively answers any questions that I have. I feel that he sees my symptoms as being unique to my own experience and treats me in accordance to this. He shows a genuine concern for my health and well being. After 4 months my period has come back! I finally feel that my body is healing. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Sam.

I first visited Dr. Sam this winter to discuss some problems I was having with poor circulation and chronic coldness. In my first appointment Sam was very enthusiastic about treating not only my circulation problems, but also asked me about other health issues I had been struggling with as well. He was incredibly open to hearing what I had to say about my own health, and made me feel that he was taking very careful consideration of everything that I had to say. Rather than isolate the problem, he helped me assess all the factors of my health and lifestyle which could be affecting my overall wellness. He prescribed a Chinese Herbal tea for me that increased my circulation dramatically and made me feel so much warmer all the time. In addition, Dr. Sam’s recommendations decreased my migraines, and need for medication, from once per week to once per month. As a medical professional, Sam was caring and thoughful, and my visit to him was very refreshing. It was great to have my medical concerns treated with such an open-minded and holistic approach.
AH, New Paltz

Hi dr Sam. Pat Biskey here, I thought I'd give you an update. After my battle of over a year I wasn't getting in remission with my uc. As my GI Dr was weening me off the prednisone in December I was starting to see negative signs and the Humira they have me on wasn't helping although my GI Dr will argue about that. So, I dug through some things you gave me and one thing I never had the chance to try was the Larch powder. So I tried it and after only 5 days all diarrhea was gone and that was 6 weeks ago My colon is getting stronger everyday and I can control urges for the first time in a year. This stuff has been a positive force in my healing and I've been off the steroids for over a month and reducing the asacol as well. My Dr believes its the Humira but I've been on that since July so I say not. I also noticed that all stomach pain is gone 100%. Also I haven't had a stomach bug or a cold since starting the Larch powder even though my three children bring home all sorts of nasty things. I take one teaspoon twice a day dissolved in diluted juice and that's it. The steroids have caused me severe joint pain but I hope that will go away in time so I can get my life back. I an on starting more of your recommendations but the drs here all have a hard time with that and want to pump me with more drugs or remove my colon but after the last 6 weeks of feeling normal I'd rather stick to your ways of natural healing. Thanks for all your help!
Pat Biskey

After taking Hormone Replacement Therapy for 5 years, my doctor said it was not safe to continue. This brought back all the severe symptoms of menopause (night sweats, flushing, etc.) Since doing the acupuncture and taking herbs my symptoms have greatly decreased. I sleep well at night and my ‘hot flashes’ have decreased dramatically. I highly recommend this course of treatment to anybody.
DL, New Paltz

I hope all is well! I just wanted to follow-up to our treatment this past summer. I got my latest PAP smear results back today and it is normal. Very good news! Thank you again for your help with everything!

Before I came to see Dr. Sam Schikowitz, I had gone to a medical doctor who prescribed me medicine for my IBS that did nothing to alleviate the abdominal pain I was experiencing. In fact, the medicine made me feel worse. Finally, someone said to me, “Stop taking it!” And another person recommended I try a Naturopathic doctor since traditional medicine was obviously not working. Dr. Sam was very thorough and seemed genuinely interested in helping me feel better. He gave me herbal remedies for my symptoms and also gave me guidance on how to change my diet and on how to get more exercise. He also explained why I needed to do this. My symptoms did not go away overnight, but as soon as I left his office I felt calmer than I had in months, and I had a sense that I would soon feel better. I did. Everything that Dr. Sam guided me in doing contributed to my well being. And the best part of it all was getting follow up phone calls from Dr. Sam to see how I was doing. Never in my life had I ever encountered a doctor who cared enough to find out the outcome of his or her treatment.
BS, New Paltz

I just want to thank you for your kind and excellent care. Since starting your program of dietary changes and supplements I have had much more energy and have lost an entire size with no effort! For three years I have searched for someone to help me deal effectively with the effects of menopause and until my cousin recommended you I had no luck. Further, as you know, when I came to see you I had a severe lung infection that had lingered for two weeks, but after one Acupuncture treatment and one week of the supplements I was completely back to normal and when I saw you last I was pleased to learn that I did not have to stay on the lung support supplements. Your time and attention to detail and caring manner are sadly uncommon in health care professionals. My husband, Bob and I feel blessed to have found you. Please feel free to use this as a most enthusiastic letter of recommendation!
Maddie Cheers, Center Moriches, NY

Dr. Sam Schikowitz is a very bright and caring practitioner. He listens with a holistic mind, assesses symptoms in creative ways and comes up with thorough treatment plans. He has a whole constellation of knowledge and techniques which gives the patient the distinct advantage of being able to use one practitioner and receive many treatment modalities. Dr. Sam is also a visionary. He is the kind of person who brings Holistic Medicine to the mainstream. We are lucky to know him. Have a wonderful summer!
Stacey Brooks

I am so sorry to hear this news. You are an exceptional doctor and for another to undermine your successes is a real shame. The medical profession needs thousands more doctors like you. You are one of a kind and you STILL listen. Best of luck in all of your endeavors, you're the best!!
Carrie Miggins

It's been quite a long time since I've been in touch (since you moved to AZ!) and I was writing because I know that you still see former patients from NY and I wanted to make an appt, but I realize that I retrieved my medical files from you before you moved. Is it still possible to have a consultation? I can fax my files back to your office or scan and email them-- quite a lot has changed since I last saw you, so I don't know if you want me to also add supplementary health info that would bring my files up-to-date. I have been seeing a really amazing acupuncturist for the last year, but at this point I still have some nagging health issues (largely hormonal) that I am not certain he can help me resolve. In addition, I have to thank you again for your instrumental role in helping me recover from many of the debilitating issues that were troubling me in late 2011- early 2012. You are one of only 2 people (the other being my acupuncturist) who helped me experience authentic healing when nothing else had worked. That is a rare gift. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you and your family are well and are settling into your new home in WA-- thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.
Cari Loveland

At first I didn’t notice much.. But I did feel very relaxed during the session. After getting up I didn’t feel much. But after a while I noticed a calmness that set in. I’m not usually calm… its’ an unusual sensation for me. I am going to try to get to bed earlier because i feel like i will be able to sleep well tonight. Yes, a relaxed, grounded, calmness. I don’t know what you did, but I think you knew. Thank you. I will be back.


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