A letter from Dr. Sam

Positive force in life.

I love my job, and I’m good at what I do.

My job is to bring balance and health to your life. To accomplish this, I use every tool available to me. This is the advantage of my approach, and why a visit with me will be different from the other healthcare you have received.

Most people have the following experience with their health:

  • You see a family practice doctor, who gives a good diagnosis for the immediate symptom in 15 minutes and prescribe a drug, but has no training in any other approach, and rarely looks for underlying imbalances.
  • Then you may see a chiropractor, massage therapist, or acupuncturist for an alternative view, and each is focused on their specific approach.
  • Perhaps you see a nutritionist or a personal trainer to help you tune up your general health, but they don’t have thorough training in the other pieces.
  • If your concern is serious, you may see a specialist who focuses on that specific body part, or an herbalist or homeopath for a different kind of remedy, or a therapist to talk things through.

While all of these practitioners are good at what they do, there is something missing from your care.

You are missing someone who can see YOU, as a whole person, within the bigger picture.

You are missing someone who will help you decide which, of ALL the available approaches, is best for you!

Many of my patients received this kind of piecemeal care, and the results were underwhelming. They didn’t feel heard or understood. They always had a sense that there was an underlying cause that ties all the symptoms together, but nobody have the expertise or time to do a thorough investigation.

As a Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist, I am an expert in integrative medicine, the art bringing all the peices together. I take the time to look for the underlying patterns. I have the training and years of experience to guide you to a path that will get you where you need to go, a path toward balance, function, health.

I love my job. I love seeing people transform before my eyes, to shed the pounds, pains, and prescriptions.

Most of all I live for the opportunity to be a powerful force for positive change in people’s lives.

I look forward to being that positive force in your life!



Dr. Sam Schikowitz

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