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Dr. Sam Schikowitz’s Biography

Dr-SamDr. Sam Schikowitz is a caring person with a strong scientific mind.

He is naturally curious and interested in the nature of people, and life in general.

Sam Schikowitz began his experience with natural medicine as a child with a health-conscious home. In school, Sam had an interest in and aptitude for natural sciences, and was mentored by Dr. Edwards, a respected science and gym teacher, and coach.

Upon graduation from high school, he traveled and worked on a variety of Organic farms and gardens. There he was amazed by his experiences with a local herbalist, midwife, and activist, Eloise Charet.

Sam was offered a full scholarship to college and medical school by his uncle, a prominent gastroenterologist in Massachusetts. He declined, feeling that the professions of medical doctor, chiropractor, herbalist, nurse, and osteopathic doctor did not fully represent his vision of medicine, health and healing.

An epiphany came when he discovered a naturopathic physician in British Columbia. It was then that he realized that the naturopathic profession embodied the common sense practicality, open-minded inquiry, and hard science that Sam felt was necessary to bring forth a good family doctor. Sam then set about acquiring his Pre-Medical bachelors degree from UC Santa Cruz and was accepted to the Bastyr University Naturopathic Medical Program.

While at Bastyr University, Sam’s experience with acupuncture and Oriental medicine changed him from a skeptic to a student of Oriental medicine. He also benefited from the excellent Ayurvedic instructors. He chose clinical supervisors that combined these approaches with excellent naturopathic and conventional medical care to come to a thorough understanding of their patients’ condition.

Dr. Sam Schikowitz has over 9 years clinical experience, including the full range of health approaches, from conventional medical management of complex and severe health issues, to talk therapy, diet and lifestyle counseling, and weight loss.

Dr. Sam Schikowitz has had lifelong personal experience with natural medicine, including: dietary therapy, botanical Medicine, supplementation, counseling, exercise (including sports, dance, Yoga, and martial arts) meditation, and other health modalities.

Education and Accreditation

Sam Schikowitz is a NABNE board certified and Arizona State licensed naturopathic doctor, as well as an NCCAOM board certified acupuncturist. He is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) and the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AZNMA).

His medical training was at Bastyr University, a fully accredited 5-year medical university. The curriculum includes conventional medical diagnosis and treatment. Therapies include minor surgery, pharmacy, counseling, botanical medicine, dietary and nutrient therapy, physical medicine, exercise prescription, homeopathy, and other modalities.

His Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine training was also completed at Bastyr University and included traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, acupuncture and oriental medical techniques, Tui Na massage, Chinese herbal formulation, and Chinese nutritional therapy.


Dr. Sam’s Philosophy of Practice

“The goal of my practice is to bring more health, wholeness, comfort, and joy into the lives of those it touches. It is also a support to those in need of change.
My personal philosophy of medicine is that everyone is a mysterious and wonderful being on a personal journey. As such, discovering the underlying root of a person’s condition, and their personal path to wellness, requires a thorough and careful evaluation. While some ailments may be common, the actual cause of the condition, and the path to healing may be different for every individual.

That is why one of my goals has been to develop an understanding of and experience with many approaches to health, illness, and treatment, and to know how and when each approach will be most successful.

Serious and common medical conditions often have a common root. This is usually an imbalance in lifestyle or  a disconnection from one’s potential. In order to heal, people often need to undergo a process of self-discovery. This includes finding a connection with life, meaning, and realizing that you can make a difference. Learning what foods or activities you body likes, what your personal values, goals and preferences are, what brings meaning to your life, and how your relationship to the people and places in your environment effects you are all important aspects of that process.”

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