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The new number for appointments is (888) 856-5658.

We accept all major insurance plans.

Acupuncture patients welcome.

Dr. Sam provides diagnosis and care for all major health concerns through diet, lifestyle, supplementation, and medication management. Dr. Sam aims to remove the need for as many medications as possible and minimize medication side effects whenever medications are required.

He has specialized Weight Loss, Athletic, and Anti-Aging programs available.

Existing New York and Arizona patients can continue to have consultations with Dr. Sam over the phone.

“I’d like to have a doctor who really uses both natural and conventional medicine, but it seems that everyone I go to only does one or the other…”

“I know there is a way to address my health concern without drugs, but I don’t want to just buy something from the internet…”

“I’d like to try a natural approach but my doctor doesn’t really know anything about it and doesn’t have the time to consider it.”

“My natural healthcare practitioner understands their specialty, but I would not feel safe coming to them with a serious acute condition.”

Does this sound familiar?

Very few people have a doctor that they can trust for both serious health concerns like heart or liver disease, as well as for ways to adjust diet and lifestyle and use supplements to prevent these conditions and treat them naturally whenever possible. Most people don’t know that they have access to their own Dr. Oz, a world class expert in integrative and natural medicine, and who will take the time to look at your life from a broad perspective before making recommendations.

So many of my patients come in with serious problems that were not addressed by any of the various healthcare providers they had seen before:

  • Feeling tired.
  • Not sleeping well.
  • Often overwhelmed, anxious, or feeling blue.
  • Gaining weight or can’t lose weight,
  • Wanting to approach heart disease and/or cancer naturally.
  • Feeling like your hormones are imbalanced.
  • Struggling with fertility
  • Musculoskelital injuries that will not resolve
  • Diagnosed with HPV and looking for a natural noninvasive cure

If you have any of these concerns, our visit could be one of the most important and significant things you do for yourself and your health. Working with me will make a difference in a way that you have never experienced. I will work with you to help you to understand your body and to heal yourself using the safest and most effective therapies, including nutrition, activity, stress reduction, nutrients, herbs, counseling, acupuncture, and many other natural approaches.


  • Stomach discomfort and digestive issues?
  • Short, long, or irregular menstrual cycles?
  • Anxiety, irritability or sadness?
  • Food cravings and/or eating to soothe your emotions?
  • Inflammation and pain in various areas?
  • Recurrent infections, headaches or allergies?
  • Menopausal symptoms that will not go away?
  • A child with ADHD or Autism?

If so, you will need someone to help you understand the many factors that contribute to the balance of good health. Using what is known from physiology, biochemistry and research, as well as ancient healing traditions, we will decide which approaches, and in what amounts, will help to bring your body back to balance. Our plan will help you maintain balance while under the usual stresses of life.


  • I will view you and your condition with fresh eyes. This means that I will make few assumptions and listen to your story.
  • I will hold you with unconditional positive regard and healing intention at all times.
  • I will work to inform you of what we are doing, and why, at all times. I expect you to ask me if I forget to provide the information.
  • I will always be respectful of you, and also of your preferences with regard to evaluation methods and my recommendations for you. One of the advantages of holistic and integrated medicine is that we can almost always approach conditions from several angles and at different levels. The results of our approach will usually point toward the cause and the best way to address the condition.
  • I will be honest about the importance of any evaluative or therapeutic strategy. If I feel it is dangerous not to go ahead with an evaluation or therapeutic strategy, I will tell you. If I do not think that the therapeutic strategies I can offer will help you, I will inform you. If I feel that there is another practitioner will provide a more effective service, I will refer you to that practitioner.
  • I will work to chose strategies that provide the most benefit, cause the least harm, and are the most economically efficient for you.
  • I will work to find the cause of your condition. If part of my strategy is to provide symptomatic relief, I will confer with you about that strategy.
  • I will treat you as a whole person and always keep in mind your long-term prevention and wellness.
  • I will work to provide you with all the tools, information, and support you need to succeed at your health and life goals.
  • If I am not sure of what is happening with your condition, I will do whatever research is required to find what is most currently known about your condition and the best way to approach it.
  • I will maintain confidentiality to the extent that is allowed by law.
So come in for your visit.  I look forward to working with you and seeing your life change.
Dr. Sam Schikowitz


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As an in integrative medicine expert, I understand the interactions between drugs, nutrients, and herbs and can guide you in finding a path that addresses the issues and does the least harm. I will guide you in your lifestyle to find and reduce the stressors in your life, loose weight, and increase what brings you joy in your life.

During a consultation, we will look at your health concerns and current habits, and develop a plan that both addresses your needs, and that is very achievable!

This is what a consultation with me is NOT about:

  1. A cookie-cutter one-size fits all diet plan
  2. Loading up on supplements
  3. Coming in for treatment after treatment

Here’s what it IS about:

  1. Discovering what are the few most important changes that you need to make to feel your best, whether the changes needed are in your diet, exercise, lifestyle habits, subconscious thinking patterns, supplements, medications, or other habits.
  2. Creating a highly personalized and realistic health plan that addresses your constitution, family history, and specific concerns.
  3. Useful concepts and perspectives that make a gentle transition to your new healthier lifestyle easy and fun.
  4. Having a supportive and non-judgmental guide with a lifetime of experience in alternative medicine and who who walks the walk.
  5. Having a place to just talk, as well as look at the bigger picture of your life with someone who cares.

The reason consultations with me are so life-changing is that I have the training and perspective to look at all the factors that effect your health with you, and make useful and informed suggestions based on that bigger picture.

Just LOOK At What All These Patients Say About their visits with Dr. Sam Schikowitz!

I walked in and right away you heard what was going on, and gave me a plan that addressed the issue right away. You acknowledged things that I hadn’t realized were impacting my health that nobody, not friends or health care professionals, had recognized. You believed in me and you helped me and I had been foundering for years.
— Holly

-Jack on knee surgery and toenail fungus

When I speak of you it is with the highest regard–I always tell people you are “absolutely brilliant and the nicest person” and that you research each person’s case thoroughly before you prescribe a treatment, and that you were the only person to ever really figure out my chronic problems and how to treat them. Thanks for your caring work!
— Barbara Schacker

— Donna on her Chronic Asthma and Recurring Lung Infections

I hope all is well! I just wanted to follow-up to our treatment this past summer. I got my latest PAP smear results back today and it is normal. Very good news! Thank you again for your help with everything!
— J

I came to Dr. Sam for a serious and sensitive health condition. He understood the fear and stress I was experiencing and helped me feel hopeful. He knew exactly what to do to address the condition naturally, effectively, and without side effects. I doubt I could have found the protocol anywhere else.
— Lisa Watkins, New Paltz

-Lori on Weight Loss

Dr. Sam, I want to thank you for taking such good care of me. The meds you are giving me, not only keep my blood pressure in check, but they also help my breathing. This is the first winter in 5 yrs. that I haven’t had to use an inhaler almost daily. I’ve only had to use it three times this winter. Thank you so much.
— Esther Baldwin

-Cari on Chronic UTI Symptoms and Chronic Fatigue

My heart is changing physically & metaphorically: from oftentimes experiencing a completely constricted feeling I was able to release to complete openness enveloping the love of the wonderful support network that I’m blessed to have, & then feeling my physical heart beating to a normal healthy rhythm for a change. There’s much more physically & psychologically I experienced, but right now I really need to go appreciate all the good things around me & ignore the 97 emails in front of me. THANK YOU! This is the most like my real self I’ve felt in at least a couple or more years
— Anne

— Helicobacter Pylori

I just want to thank you for your kind and excellent care. Since starting your program of dietary changes and supplements I have had much more energy and have lost an entire size with no effort! For three years I have searched for someone to help me deal effectively with the effects of menopause and until my cousin recommended you I had no luck. Further, as you know, when I came to see you I had a severe lung infection that had lingered for two weeks, but after one Acupuncture treatment and one week of the supplements I was completely back to normal and when I saw you last I was pleased to learn that I did not have to stay on the lung support supplements. Your time and attention to detail and caring manner are sadly uncommon in health care professionals. My husband, Bob and I feel blessed to have found you. Please feel free to use this as a most enthusiastic letter of recommendation!
— Maddi Cheers, Center Moriches, NY

Itching and Skin Discoloration

“Before I came to see Dr. Sam Schikowitz, I had gone to a medical doctor who prescribed me medicine for my IBS that did nothing to alleviate the abdominal pain I was experiencing. In fact, the medicine made me feel worse. Finally, someone said to me, “Stop taking it!” And another person recommended I try a Naturopathic doctor since traditional medicine was obviously not working. Dr. Sam was very thorough and seemed genuinely interested in helping me feel better. He gave me herbal remedies for my symptoms and also gave me guidance on how to change my diet and on how to get more exercise. He also explained why I needed to do this. My symptoms did not go away overnight, but as soon as I left his office I felt calmer than I had in months, and I had a sense that I would soon feel better. I did. Everything that Dr. Sam guided me in doing contributed to my well being. And the best part of it all was getting follow up phone calls from Dr. Sam to see how I was doing. Never in my life had I ever encountered a doctor who cared enough to find out the outcome of his or her treatment.”
BS, New Paltz

I just wanted to take a minute to express my sincere gratitude for your practical advice, knowledgeable wisdom, and inspiring me to make positive and proactive health choices.

Let me start off by telling you how much I loved your email health series! I really enjoyed reading your helpful and interesting health tips and have began implementing them into my daily life.
Now, the most heartfelt thank-you I can offer to you for changing my life. My acne is almost completely gone and I cannot remember the last time my skin looked so clear and healthy! (Literally it was probably before puberty that my skin last looked this good!) Although I am grateful for acne to be my main medical concern at this point in my life and though others would rate acne as the most minuscule of medical issues, it weighed on me heavily. As you may imagine it is difficult to be looked at as a knowledgeable professional during my daily work life when I look young and pubescent due to my acne. The clearing up of my skin has given me much more confidence and I have so enjoyed hearing people compliment my skin and notice the huge change in my complexion.
The one side-effect that should be listed on the bottle; “Unable to control looking at yourself when in the presence of a mirror” especially considering that looking in the mirror used to be the determination for what kind of a day it was going to be. Now everyday is a good day!
Who would have known that all this could be solved with minor lifestyle changes and natural compounds!? I am a believer! It is absolutely mind blowing when dangerous substances are pushed at you with side-effects 10X worse than the original medical condition and turn out not to work, but an all natural substance works perfectly with no side-effects what so ever! With that, knowing that this method took me about 10 years to find is a pity and that is why I am trying to spread the word about your practice whenever I can. People need to be more aware of what healthy, natural cures can be available to them. Seeking out a holistic doctor like yourself should not be considered “thinking outside the box” like it is today, it should be considered the first step in treatment.
My sincere gratitude for your wisdom and kindness. Wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays and hopes of a bright and beautiful new year!

— CL/strong>

“Dr. Sam is a gifted healer. His intelligence and skill set is augmented by genuine warmth and understanding for the human condition. Each time I brought a concern to Dr. Sam, I was nurtured and treated with the utmost professionalism. Each time I left Dr. Sam’s office I felt at ease and healthier.”
— Jessica Hebrank, MD

-Sherri on Chronic Lyme Disease

“In my experience, Dr. Sam hears, and has a clear way of understanding what is needed in an overall way. He takes in account all physical, mental and emotional aspects in a wholistic and organized way that seems unique to anything that I have experienced. He focuses on the issue that is most causing the dis-ease while giving support in the many areas that he is knowledgable in. Thank you.”
— Brittany

-Susan on seeing Dr. Sam

I visited Dr. Sam to help me deal with the horrible allergies, yeast infections and skin rashes I had been living with for all of my life. I had seen countless specialists including dermatologists, gynecologists and allergists who had prescribed me all types of steroids and allergy medications. Nothing seemed to work! I had been told that because my family has allergies so do I and I should just learn to live with them. Dr. Sam is the first person who ever looked at me as a whole being.
— Amie

Greetings! I saw you three weeks ago and wanted to say thanks. It was great to meet you. The heart palpitations went away quickly I’m glad to say, as I regained perspective. I’m holding all your recommendations in my mind, following some more than others, but grateful for them all. … Thanks for your presence and advice! Take care.
— Sandra

-Margaret on seeing Dr. Sam

I am writing to tell you how grateful I am for your help. When we met in June 2008 I was completely depleted. I had been through a year and a half of crazy work stress, endless tests, procedures and inseminations without success, a thirty pound weight gain and a very painful bout with Achilles tendonitis. Needless to say—just talking without crying was a feat. Your prescription began with plenty of rest and creating some boundaries—but continued with suggestions for almost every area of concern. I wanted to tell you about some of the triumphs that have resulted from them. First of all—I had cross-fiber friction therapy on my Achilles tendons as you advised. I have to say that I was sure that the pain I was suffering was never going to subside. Today, I have NO pain 99% of the time. Occasionally I have a twinge here and there, but I would confidently say that I was cured!! I am so thrilled with the results I tell everyone who will listen!! Second—Exercise. I know everyone says that regular exercise will help with stress, weight, sleep and a myriad of other problems, but it is not always easy to take that first step. Your gentle guidance got me to the gym!

-B.L. Philadelphia PA

-Keith and Kate with severe Post-Polio syndrome management

When I was diagnosed with a cervical dysplasia (ASCUS 2) I was devastated. The procedures I had to endure were painful and frightening, and I had no hope for a permanent cure. I went to see Dr. Sam and he understood the stress I was feeling and put me at ease. He knew exactly the treatment plan that would cure the condition. After 6 weeks of his protocol my follow-up PAP was 100% clear. It was a focused, natural, and safe plan and I suffered no side effects. I send anyone who has serious health conditions to see Dr. Sam.
— LW, New Paltz

-Jay on Weight Loss and Chronic Fungal Infection

At first I didn’t notice much.. But I did feel very relaxed during the session. After getting up I didn’t feel much. But after a while I noticed a calmness that set in. I’m not usually calm… its’ an unusual sensation for me. I am going to try to get to bed earlier because i feel like i will be able to sleep well tonight. Yes, a relaxed, grounded, calmness. I don’t know what you did, but I think you knew. Thank you. I will be back.
— Steve

-Jennifer on Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma

Dr. Sam Schikowitz is a very bright and caring practitioner. He listens with a holistic mind, assesses symptoms in creative ways and comes up with thorough treatment plans. He has a whole constellation of knowledge and techniques which gives the patient the distinct advantage of being able to use one practitioner and receive many treatment modalities. Dr. Sam is also a visionary. He is the kind of person who brings Holistic Medicine to the mainstream. We are lucky to know him. Have a wonderful summer!
— Stacey Brooks

Seeing Dr. Schikowitz is a boost to my self-esteem, knowing I was doing some things right, and looking forward to doing more things better. I always come away with something useful. I feel good about coming to see him.
DB, New Paltz

After taking Hormone Replacement Therapy for 5 years, my doctor said it was not safe to continue. This brought back all the severe symptoms of menopause (night sweats, flushing, etc.) Since doing the acupuncture and taking herbs my symptoms have greatly decreased. I sleep well at night and my ‘hot flashes’ have decreased dramatically. I highly recommend this course of treatment to anybody.
DL , New Paltz

Hi Sam, I had a wonderful experience when I left you after acupuncture. I was walking my dog on the rail trail and as I looked around everything had a brightness and crispness about it. I think that chi was indeed released and flowing better. I had more clarity of mind too. It was a great feeling of euphoria and peace. My knees are a little sore today, but that’s normal. Thanks!


I first visited Dr. Sam this winter to discuss some problems I was having with poor circulation and chronic coldness. In my first appointment Sam was very enthusiastic about treating not only my circulation problems, but also asked me about other health issues I had been struggling with as well. He was incredibly open to hearing what I had to say about my own health, and made me feel that he was taking very careful consideration of everything that I had to say. Rather than isolate the problem, he helped me assess all the factors of my health and lifestyle which could be affecting my overall wellness. He prescribed a Chinese Herbal tea for me that increased my circulation dramatically and made me feel so much warmer all the time. In addition, Dr. Sam’s recommendations decreased my migraines, and need for medication, from once per week to once per month. As a medical professional, Sam was caring and thoughful, and my visit to him was very refreshing. It was great to have my medical concerns treated with such an open-minded and holistic approach.
AH, New Paltz

When I came to see Dr. Sam it had been over 3 years since I had had a period. During those 3 years I went to multiple doctors including several gynecologists and internists, and an endocrinologist. On several occasions I was placed on either synthetic or bioidentical hormones with no success. As a last resort, each of these doctors recommended that I go on birth control pills to bring my period back. I was uncomfortable with that option as I felt it would only mask the bigger problem; my amenorrhea was a symptom that my body was out of balance. Along with acupuncture treatments, Dr. Sam treats me with chinese herbs, supplements and has counseled me on my diet. He takes the time to patiently listen to my concerns and extensively answers any questions that I have. I feel that he sees my symptoms as being unique to my own experience and treats me in accordance to this. He shows a genuine concern for my health and well being. After 4 months my period has come back! I finally feel that my body is healing. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Sam.

Dr. Sam spends a great deal of time with me. He does careful research to ascertain the nature of my concerns and address my needs. I am impressed with his knowledge and his positive attitude. Because of his therapies, I feel better and have reduced my need for medications.
PK, Saugerties, New York

I went to the doctor recently and he did the regularly scheduled lipid check and some other things. My lipids came back the lowest I’ve ever had (that I’m aware of). The total was 175 (95LDL and 65LDL). I was thrilled. Thank you again for all your help and support. Hope you are well. PS. – If you remember my LDL had climbed to 149 and my total was around 250 before I started taking your regimen.

It’s just Nikki (Lumpkin) here. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the information you put out for everyone. I thought it was thoughtful and generous of you. Congrats again on the baby boy and beautiful wife!

I am an active male in my 50’s. Three years ago I strained my calf
while enjoying one of the first sprints of the season. I have a
relatively high pain tolerance and this was painful! I iced it, rested
it and hobbled around for a few days, eased my way back into sprinting
and reinjured it. I just couldn’t loosen it up no matter how much I
stretched. I then headed to Dr Sam who evaluated the injury, checked
my stretching technique and my gait then gave my calf a cross tissue
massage to “brake up the bundles”. He also taught me how to do this
massage on myself. After easing my way back into sprinting, and giving
my calf a daily massage, I breezed through the season and remained
injury free for a couple years. At the beginning of last summer I
swtiched to a “minimal” trail shoe and strained my calf again. I
returned to Dr Sam who employed the same massage. I then healed
quickly, returned to my daily self massage and again breezed through
another season.

Dr Sam was also kind enough to take an emergency call from me when I
was diagnosed with Lyme’s and recommended some alternative supplements
to help battle the infection and clean up the damage done by the

Mark Marinoff